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My PSP Tubes - MPT12058

Barbara Jensen - BJ3337


PFD - PFD_redbutterfly78




Zindy Nielsen zzt2577

PSP Tubes Emporium PTE2571

Dreamscape Imaging DSI1133


All my Tutorials were written by me. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own or try to alter them in any way. No *hotlinking* is allowed, as it uses Bandwidth. Everyone is welcome to try my tutorials and I am proud that you would want to try them. If you want to post my tuts in your PSP Groups, please post a text link back to this site. I would love to see your results, just send them to the email below.

Anything on my blog is NOT to be shared, unless you have my Personal Permission. I am Copyrighted Protected, which means everything I do, is send to my personal email address with a number and is protected. You may, link to my blog for all my tutorials, or anything you wish to let others know.

If you use my CU, PU items, Scrapkits, Tag Templates, Masks or Blog Layouts you need to read the TOU's in each zip. Nothing is to be shared.

Thank you.

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My Blinkie

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Sonntag, 25. September 2011



1 tube of choice -
I used
Legends Art 

you can get at 

please don't use without a license.

Majestic Tagger from Honored Scraps

you find her blog

Font of Choice


 FloraMask Set1


save in your mask folder

ok let´s begin

Open new Image

 fill with paper 14
go to
Layer-/Load/save Mask
search floramask1-
 fit to layer/ deselect invert
 merge group


Open fairy dust 3
Copy and paste as a new layer.
move a little to left.
duplicate move a little to right.

Open frame 4
Copy and paste as a new layer.

take your magic toll click in the round frame
selection-modify-expand 8
new layer

 open paper 1
foreground paper1
angle 0 scale 100

arrange under layer Frame

Open starlight
Copy and paste as a new layer.

go to layer frame

Open bow 1 resize 35 %

Copy and paste as a new layer.
move to left
duplicate mirror
 move a little to right down

Open wrap1 resize 75 % 2x
Copy and paste as a new layer.

move little to left rotate  like mine

   take your magic toll go to layer  round frame 
 Tolerance7/Feather 8
click outside the frame

go to layer wrap
erase all what  over the frame

go to Image Resize
resize all layer 80 %

Open unicorn
Copy and paste as a new layer.

open your tube
copy paste as a new layer
arrange to a place you like


merge all visible

copyrights and any other text you would like to add. 

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